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When they were fab

My name is Lennon,

John Lennon

And my name is McCartney,

Paul McCartney

And my name is Harrison,

George Harrison

And my name is Starr,

Ringo Starr

And my name is Bond,

James Bond

And they were all fab.


Hey, we’re talking my generation here

I was eleven and in the playground

To the traffic in king conkers

And marbles with rare stripes

Was added a brisk trade

In posters of the fab four

(With Gerry-and-the-Pacemakers

And Cilla thrown in

The kings and queens of Merseyside).


And at night in the dorm

After lights-out I would read

From Russia with love

Under the sheets with my torch

Dotted here and there

The glowing white tents

An encampment for the nomads

That we were.


Happy 50th anniversary then

To The Beatles and James Bond

We were shaken and stirred

You quickened our blood

Fired up our imaginations

And brought colour into

Our drab young lives.

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