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The last type-writer

20th November 2012

Today the last type-writer to be manufactured in Britain came off the assembly line – and can you guess where it’s going?

 Straight into a museum.

Irony of ironies!

Ever since the 18th century in Britain inventors had devised various kinds of «writing machines»

It wasn’t until Remington, then a manufacturer of sewing machines, signed an agreement with a patent holder in the 1870s that the Sholes and Glidden Type-writer was born, coining the name and the QWERTY layout that would prove so universal.

I shall miss the tap-tap-tappedy-tap-click-whirr-zing of a busy office

The plonk-plonk of the crypto novelist

In the attic

Typing out his unpublished

Work of genius

I shall miss the Dear Sir

Yours faithfully

And the Dear Mr. Jones

Yours sincerely

That comfortable pedant’s

Paradise of grammatical



It’s the End of an Era


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