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The touch of love

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet


I am an atom

A child of Chaos

Inhabiting now a wisp of gas

Now a chip of matter

Travelling for countless billions of years

Riding the star-crowded waves of the cosmos

I have witnessed extraordinary things

I have seen the birth of wondrous worlds and their demise

Flicked casually aside – the butt-ends of space

Thus I voyaged through the universe until I reached this place.


I was a tiny worm wriggling deep in the mud of the restless ocean.

I was a clam clamped to the wave-washed rock

Refusing to give up my secret.

I was one of the first marsupials to heave myself out the water onto the newly-formed land

Waddling with my fins up the primordial sands.

l loped and crouched semi-sapient and half-erect through the dark forests.

I was eyeless at the wheel toiling blindly with slaves.

I was one of the drunken Frankish knights who entered Jerusalem wading waist-high in


I flew point in a V formation of wild geese flying across the Canadian uplands.

I was an eagle quartering the dizzy sky scanning the earth with my piercing eyes

Before diving onto my terrified prey.

I was a pearl diver, plunging down with my weight-stone into the murky green depths,

Forever seeking that glittering prize.


I was the leopard prowling

The rain-drenched gats

Of the Carnatic


I was a drop of dew

Garnered at dawn

In the Western Sands.


I was the blade

That pierced the side

Of the suffering prophet.


I was with my forebears

Crouched on the duck-boards

Of a Celtic-green trench.


I was the banner flouting

The northern sky

Fanning our people cold


I beat the warm thermals

With my featherless wings

I, Icarus, fell.

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