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The Nine Muses

The Nine Muses

CLIO – history. MELP0MENEtragedy. THALIA comedy. CALLIOPEepic poetry. URANIAastronomy. EUTERPEflutes and music. TERPSICHORE – dancing and lyric poetry. POLYHYMNIAmime and sacred poetry. ERRATO – love poetry.


The Nine Muses are the Greek goddesses of learning, arts, culture and inspiration.

They were the progeny of ZEUS and MNEMOSYNE (memory) and were born in Piera at the foot of Mount Olympus. For centuries they have been worshipped and venerated for their patronage of music, art, drama and poetry.

Traditionally, those places dedicated to the greater glory on the Nine Muses were known as mouseion, from which we derive the word museum.

Many great artists and musicians had Muses.

Beethoven, for example, often affirmed that his wife, Frau Van Beethoven, was a constant inspiration for him:

–          You know my dear, you are my Muse …

–          Oh, get on with you Ludwig, have some more toast … amusing indeed, whatever next!

–          No light of my life, I mean YOU ARE MY MUSE

–          Oh don’t exaggerate, finish your coffee dear and then you’ll be able start your next little symphony before lunch … which will it be dear, I’m losing count, the 4th or 5th?

–          No my little Pearl of the North you appear to misunderstand me, YOU-ARE-MY-MUSE even your laughter is a source of inspiration for me …

–          HA HA HA – HÁ


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