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Quack quack

His mind is full of junk

Scraps of half-digested information

From third-hand sources

A dash of religious bigotry

Seasoned with cliché-ridden

Commonplace ideas

His understanding of

The planet and universe

Has inconceivable voids

His rare excursions

Into abstract thought invariably

Produce utterances both

Risible and ridiculous

In short he has the depth

And mental clarity of a

Small puddle in the road

And the intellectual weight

Of a poppadum.

old macdonald hat a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm

And on that farm he had a duck


With a quack quack here

And a quack quack there

Here a quack

There a quack

Everywhere a quack quack

Old MacDonald had a farm


(If there were a quacking event

In the Olympic Games

He would stand a good chance

Of representing his country).

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