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Blame the apple

From Jessie L. Weston’s From Ritual to Romance (a copy of which I spotted on Marlon Brando’s bedside table at the end of Apocalypse Now) to Thomas Kennelly’s Blood Red, Sister Rose to that genial culture-for-the-masses concoction, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code the culture of misogyny in the Roman church runs clear like a glowing toxic beacon.

From the time when God, as an afterthought, fashioned for Adam (out of one his ribs) a female companion, there has been nothing but trouble.

He told her specifically to steer clear of the apple tree.

But did she listen?

Did she hell!

She only went and listened to the Devil, didn’t she?

She only went and listened to that snake

The subtlest beast in all the field, innit?

Go on, take a bite

It’s delicious!

You know you want to, really

So the woman bit

Into the juicy red apple

(It’s yer Original sin, innit?)

And dragged her man down with her

Typical! Nothing but trouble,

 Trouble, trouble

We blame it on the apple.

It’s the apple’s fault!


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