memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner


Photo of Thomas Milner

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste … thus the opening words of a famous song from my youth –Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. Not particularly wealthy and of uncertain taste, I am an Englishman in late middle-age who, over the last eight years, has endured three brain operations to remove benign but aggressive brain tumours. For reasons, which will in time become clear, I have somehow managed to end up in an Old People’s Home in the north of Portugal overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

I didn’t survive unscathed however; after the second procedure (six years ago) I was left with what the surgeons rather euphemistically described as «a slight deficit» in my right side. I couldn’t even sign my own name! Part of my rehabilitation therapy was to draw and paint for about an hour each day.

Each of my blogs will include one of the results of this therapy,

Comments on: "About" (11)

  1. Peter Hughes said:

    I’m sure I knew you years ago at St Edmund’ College.


  2. You did indeed; you were a friend of my brother Gam


  3. Gradually with the advent of the great internet everybody will resume friendships from long ago. How are you Peter?


  4. Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for following my blog…I hope I will not disappoint.

    Your bio tells me you are a very interesting person and I look forward to discovering just how interesting you truly are.

    Thanks again and be encouraged!


  5. What an awesome blog, showing the process of recovery. Very cool. Thanks for the follow, friend.


  6. Hi Thomas,

    I found your site when i searched noise pollution in Portugal. Happy Easter to you.

    My husband and I retired just outside Ponte de Lima in 1972.


  7. Nice to meet you!


  8. donna jones said:

    hya tom- i see words are still your chariots of fire! life here on the ISLE OF WIGHT is good and like a tropical island in this heat of summer. let me know how you are. xdonna


  9. Are you still in Portugal?


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