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Sad Announcement

Dear all,

My name is William and I am Tom’s youngest son (23 years old).

I am writing on behalf of my father, who unfortunately passed away on the 6th of August of the present year around 6:30 PM peacefully in his room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was a rather beautiful afternoon, as the sun was just finding its way through the clouds, glazing the room with a stunning orange colour. The two of us had the privilege of spending his last moments together, and I stood with him until the last breath. It was a very dignified and serene moment, which he truly deserved after 16 years struggling against his illness.

The funeral was held on the morning of the 8th of August at Cortegaça’s church where family and friends were present, as well as the people who so dearly took care of him at the Home during the past few years. It was a beautiful ceremony and both me and my uncle Gam (his eldest brother) agreed that he would be pleased with it. He was buried at Cortegaça’s cemetery. I will leave the address of the cemetery at the end of the post as well as a picture of the church.

I am sorry to write this post so late, but I guess that only now I found the peace of mind to do so. Life since then has been rather frantic for me and my brother James, as we go through all of his belongings (mainly books, paintings and old documents).

On behalf of the family, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has supported him over the years with his blog, which he was so dear and proud of. He frequently and enthusiastically updated me about its status and development, so it was indeed part of his therapy and a reason to stick around. The blog will remain open.

If there is anything else that you might want to know, you are welcome to get in touch with me at

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,
William Milner

The address of the Church of Cortegaça:
Rua Padre Manuel Pereira 324, 3885-321 Cortegaça

The address of the Cemetery of Cortegaça:
Rua da Seara 3885-256 Cortegaça


The Church of Cortegaça

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.03.31.png

Comments on: "Sad Announcement" (2)

  1. Graham Adam said:

    Dear William

    How kind of you to post such a sad announcement and I was extremely sorry to hear of the death of your father.

    I have enjoyed reading your late Father’s posts over recent years having come across his blog whilst undertaking family research. I am a distant relation and Gamaliel is such an unusual name it is easy to identify connections over the generations. My great grandmother was Emily Murray Heaton (nee Jackson) and her older sister Mary was married to William Henry Horsley whose baby sister Annie was married to Rev. Gamaliel Milner (1852-1928).

    I have self-published a book of the letters of William Henry Horsley, written to his father during his career with the Indian Civil Service from 1870. There are many references to his baby sister Annie who he was obviously deeply fond of. My great grandmother travelled out to India when her mother died and travelled around with William & Mary Horsley until she herself married another Indian Civil Servant, Jack Heaton who later became Sir Jack Heaton, Chief Justice of Bombay and Vice Chancellor of the University there. Sadly Emily drowned in a shipwreck on her way out to Bombay in 1892. I have been researching this shipwreck and am working on a book about that! Coincidentally the ship, the SS Roumania, struck rocks at the entrance to the Obidos Lagoon, north of Peniche and not far south of where your father was living.

    Last year my wife and I travelled out to Portugal and managed to see what little remains of the Roumania and trace a memorial window in the English Church in Lisbon. You seem to have a very distinguished and erudite family and will miss your father badly but I can at least visualise that wonderful light shining over the Atlantic – I have sailed fast that bit of coast in my own boat on a couple of occasions.

    With best wishes and sincere condolences,

    Graham Adam


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  2. Thank you so much William, for informing us of your father’s death. I was very saddened to hear this. I followed your father’s wonderful blog for quite a few years and always looked forward to a new post from him. His knowledge was amazing and his sense of humour was second to none. We often had ‘conversations’. I will miss him.


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