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Dance of the Seven Veils

The man whom history knows as St. John the Baptist came to rather a macabre end. He was a desert preacher and an outspoken radical activist who taught Abramic Law but with a non-orthodox twist – th…

Source: Dance of the Seven Veils

Loss Of knowledge

The Great Library of Alexandria was one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. Its destruction by fire, begun by accident in 48 BC by the Roman general Julius Caesar when tactics forced him to set fi…

Source: Loss Of knowledge

Anglo-Saxon rocks

I fell in love with my own language When I was in my mid-thirties You know how it is First I noticed it Then I felt drawn to it Lastly I fell for it Hook, line and sinker.   Those old tribesmen Rou…

Source: Anglo-Saxon rocks

Timgad – North Africa

Algeria 1978 During a visit up to Station E, which was situated on the slopes of the Aurés Mountains, I heard of a proposed expedition to visit the Roman city of Timgad which was not far from the c…

Source: Timgad – North Africa

The texture of memory

The cat and the book Bask together On an old railway sleeper In the warm sun I feel the warm splinters I smell the hot tang of the wood I hear the cat purr This is the sensual Texture of memory

Source: The texture of memory

The Wisdom of Solomon

Or will it simply be, I wonder, as posited in The Wisdom of Solomon (book 2, verses 2-9). My spirit finds these words incredibly moving and beautiful but my mind remains doubtful in the face such t…

Source: The Wisdom of Solomon

White Petals

There was an old magnolia tree in the walled-corner Of the garden overlooked by our school in Porto. Every spring we marvelled at the white splendour of its flowering, Its blushing blooms, Its ethe…

Source: White Petals

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

The painter Tanaka stood back and studied his work. He was quite satisfied. The painting encapsulated all the delicacy and grace of Japanese art. The composition was perfectly balanced with the jux…

Source: Hiroshima, Mon Amour


ANNABA (formerly French Bône and Latin Hippo) is a town and Mediterranean port in north-eastern Algeria, close to the Tunisian border. Its location on a natural harbour (Gulf of Annaba)  between Ca…

Source: Méchoui

Life among the Italians

During my third contract in the Sahara in the autumn of 1979 I stayed for about 3 months on an Italian Pipe line (IPL) camp in the oil-fields of the eastern part of the desert. It is one of my life…

Source: Life among the Italians

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