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I hear voices

I hear voices which caress Like a breeze whispering Across a field of lavender In fragrant Provence   Alluring voices inviting me To dally in shaded gardens Being served chilled sherbet On the bank…

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Universal Magazine 1786

The eighteenth century in England (and indeed elsewhere) was an age of supreme aesthetic elegance. Even the magazines of the period were elegant (even their tat was classy) I have here a book – a b…

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The Angel of Death

… We got as far south as Ouargla that day, a white shimmering vision rising out of sand. The sky was an impossible blue but the south-east wind was oppressive, a precursor to a sirocco? I wan…

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Opiate of the People

Towards the end of the 19th century (earth-time) a German Jew called Karl Marx, a political philosopher who was living in London, wrote Das Kapital which was to become one of the foundation stones …

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Y WORRY (Be happy)

About one hundred years ago I lived for a few years on the Estoril coast near Lisbon. I shared the upper floor of an attractive house in Estoril in one of those leafy streets just behind the Casino…

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7 Billion and rising

That’s the story tous court and no amount of growth curves and demographic bar-charts will add to that stark figure – 7 BILLION people now inhabit the earth. A glance at a history of world populati…

Source: 7 Billion and rising

When I was eleven

Last year, I came across an old sketch-book of mine from when I was eleven-years-old. It seems that I was preoccupied with the following: Medieval Knights, Famous Sailing Ships, The Royal Navy, And…

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Aprés Nous Le Déluge

Visit the post for more.

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The King of the Rainy Country

The sea is not calm today The horizontal slash grey With foreboding. The swaying sobbing trees The lightning flashes The soundless arc-lights Of distant strife. A flock of small birds Wheel in agit…

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The six noble gases

The noble gases are a group of chemical elements with very similar properties. Once termed as inert, they are all odourless, colourless, monoatomic gases, with very low chemical reactivity. The six…

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