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Le Quatorze Juillet

A week ago France’s national day – le Jour de Bastille – was marked as usual by a huge military parade down one the most famous venues in the world – les Champs Elysées. You’ve got to take your hat…

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A cool dude

This is our great great great great great grandfather’s cousin Major Gamaliel Milner of Burton Grange.

1681 Beechey

Another Walk through the Valley

The years seem to fly by, do they not? I sometimes feel that Time is hurtling our lives away and wish it would slow down or, even better, skid to a stop for a while. There is still so much richness…

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The Umbrella II

Being an umbrella represents a serious demotion – I must have blotted my copy-book quite disastrously in my previous existence. I’m being held high in the right hand of a young woman, my owner, who…

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An eccentric clergyman

The afore-mentioned book, THE BIBLE OF EVERY LAND, belonged to my scholarly great-grandfather, the Rev. Gamaliel Milner, who was reputed to have mastered no fewer than sixteen foreign languages. He…

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Universal Magazine 1786

The eighteenth century in England (and indeed elsewhere) was an age of supreme aesthetic elegance. Even the magazines of the period were elegant (even their tat was classy) I have here a book – a b…

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