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Thirty years of life

What separates this picture of me leaning against a vehicle adapted to rolling on sand From this picture of me sitting in a vehicle adapted to rolling on sand. ANSWER: ABOUT THIRTY YEARS OF LIFE Th…

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Quote of the day

To possess another language is to possess another soul. Charlemagne

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The Angel of Death

… We got as far south as Ouargla that day, a white shimmering vision rising out of sand. The sky was an impossible blue but the south-east wind was oppressive, a precursor to a sirocco? I wan…

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I hear voices

I hear voices which caress Like a breeze whispering Across a field of lavender In fragrant Provence   Alluring voices inviting me To dally in shaded gardens Being served chilled sherbet On the bank…

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Human weakness

Where do you stand on obese people who put artificial sweetener in their tea while munching on a large slice of chocolate cake? Chain-smokers who drink decaffeinated coffee? People who drive to the…

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Don’t you just hate it when

Don’t you just hate it When that cheeky Chirpy little guest Uninvited but tolerated Lodging in your attic Weaving his nest Hibernating the winter Harmlessly slumbering Unobtrusive Unassuming Unnoti…

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The War Photographer

Max is a professional photographer who has been covering wars in Indo-China, Africa, The Balkans and  – his preferred stamping ground – Central and South America for more than a quarter…

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