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Archive for March 22, 2012

The Twilight Zone

Sometimes I feel as though I were living in the twilight zone.

Guess what the three old buffers at my table are talking about? They are actually telling each other that it rained last night. Each of the three is trying to outdo the other two in his descriptions of the weather in a bizarre kind of one-upmanship:

–              It certainly rained well last night and they gave more for the rest of the …

–              Where I was, it rained so much that the cabbages were all flattened and all the other vegetables were spoilt in the back yard …

–              Well where I was, it rained so much and wind was so strong that some of our roof-tiles were ripped off …

–              Well you had it easy! Where I was, there was such storm that the whole village was flooded …

–              You were lucky! Where I was, I woke up and my bed was floating down the street …

–              You had a street! Luxury! Where I was, when I woke up my bed was floating out to sea

–              You had a bed! What luxury, I woke up at the bottom of the sea and my tea had to be fetched by a huge fish etc., etc.

But then I remember that they have their Faith and thus have the advantage of me. What’s the point of all my reading and ideas if I can’t even manage to construct a decent ?belief system.

Drink deep or not all from Hyperion spring

A little learning is a dangerous thing

Alexander Pope advises us.


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