memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

A Murder of Crows

A murder of crows,
A barren of mules,
A bundle of rags and
A desert of lapwing.

A bench of bishops,
A pontifation of priests,
A coven of witches and
A parliament of rooks.

A cete of badgers,
A business of ferrets,
A sege of herons and
A walk of snipe.

A murmuration of starlings,
An exultation of larks,
A chattering of choughs and
A muster of peacocks.

A herd of curlews,
A covey of ptarmigan,
A sounder of wild boar and
A fall of woodcock.

A malapertness of pedlars,
A glozing of taverners,
A wilderness of monkeys and
A drunkship of cobblers.

Oh, what a wondrous, sprawling generosity our English language has, that can afford these nouns of assemblage!
Here is richness indeed.
What a glorious, tumbling stream of words.
What joy!


Comments on: "A Murder of Crows" (3)

  1. donna jones said:

    yes. the english language is full of wonderful alliterations, similies etc. love gerard manly- hopkins and dylan thomas for this. xd


  2. Yes indeed, they’re two of my favourites too …


  3. Absolute joy – thanks for sharing!
    Several years ago I came across this resource on the web. At the bottom of the list there is a collection of “Some That Might Be”, which is highly amusing.


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