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Archive for December 29, 2011

It Beggars Belief

A bowl of soup, a glass of wine

And thou beside me,

Ranting in the wilderness.


All the teachings of the Inspired Scriptures

Are dwarfed by the immensity

Of the star-crossed cosmos


Pascal’s wager need not apply.

Our vile bodies are consumed by fire

Urns of ashes towards sundown.


We therefore commit his body to the deep

In the certain hope that the sea will

Render him up on the Day of Judgment.


No sudden Epiphany brought me to this point,

Only the calm acceptance

That it beggars belief.


It beggars belief that we are all born

With the in-built virus of corruption,

Weighed down by some primordial guilt.


It beggars belief that our world,

Our wondrous awful world

Should blight our brief lives.


As flies to wanton boys

So are we to the gods;

They kill us for their sport.



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