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Archive for December 9, 2011

Inside every fat person

It is said that inside every fat person there is a thin one screaming to get out

I have just seen something on TV about the UK having the dubious honour of heading the ranking for the most obese women in Europe.

It is a paradox that ceteris paribus most obese people in so-called advanced societies are to be found in the poorer and more disadvantaged sections of the population.

(You have to have money to eat healthy).

The System is dependent on a huge commercial campaign to lure people to consume junk. There is a giant sugar/salt/fat/additives conspiracy against us and our children.

Fast is good

Fast is fun

Life is wicked

And if you’re feeling peckish between meals, how about a tasty bag of turkey twizzles and a tube of fizzy squashahol from the hyper.

Or whatever

Turns U on.


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