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Archive for October 28, 2011

7 Billion and rising

That’s the story tous court and no amount of growth curves and demographic bar-charts will add to that stark figure – 7 BILLION people now inhabit the earth.

A glance at a history of world population reveals that at the time of Christ the population stood at 200 million.

Let’s leap forward to the tenth century when it has doubled to 400 mil. During the middle-ages all over the globe, poverty, high infant mortality rates, plagues (like the Black Death) and above all wars, incessant wars – tribal, feudal, dynastic, and religious – kept the population growth in check (or self-curbing effect), so that we only reach the one-billion mark at the beginning of the 19th century.

Sixty years ago, when I was born, the world population was around 2.4 billion, by year the year 2000 it had shot up to 6 billion and now, a mere eleven years later, the official figure is 7 billion. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the future – it gives new meaning to word exponential.


Let’s face folks we messed up; we have over-stayed our welcome, fouled up our own backyard and are up defecation creek without a paddle.

And to think to that there are still some morons across the Atlantic that think that global-warming is only a rumour. (Mind you, these are the same people that reckon the creation of America was one of God’s miracles, so I would take their opinions with extreme caution, if I were you).

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